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    Qingdao Greenful Farm Products Co., Ltd. engages in farm products processing and trading, including Freeze-dried (FD) fruits crisps;  vacuum fried (VF) vegetables and fruits chips; pickled products; local
    products of Shandong Province, etc .
    A)  Dehydrated products
        Freeze-dried (FD) fruits crisps : strawberry, apple, pear, fig, banana,
                                          yellow peach ,mulberry ,mango etc .
        Vacuum fried (VF)vegetables and fruits chips : okra, green bean,
                                                       mushroom, potato,
                                                       green radish,
                                                       sweet potato etc.
        dehydrated Yunnan ginger slices, Shandong ginger slices,
        garlic slices etc.
    B)  Pickled products  
        Sliced ginger, shredded ginger, garlic, cucumber etc.
    C)  Nuts and local products
        Peanut, sugar ginger, chestnut etc.
    D)  Fresh and freeze products
        Fresh ginger, carrot, onion, apple, pear etc.,
        Freeze taro, asparagus, mixed vegetables, strawberry, peach,
        apple pulp, strawberry pulp, pear pulp, peach pulp etc.
    E)  Boiled products
        Radish, burdock chips, shredded burdock etc.
    We look forward to working with you and seeking mutual development 。
    Qingdao Greenful Farm Products Co.,Ltd.
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    Tel:0086-532-8590 0797 / 0799 Add:Room 503,Zhongshang Mansion, No. 100 ,HongKong Middle Road, Qingdao, PR. China